June 17, 2016

Social VR: Will Virtual Reality Increase Or Decrease Loneliness?

There are a lot of concerns shared nowadays about the new wave of virtual reality media. It has been decades since the concept was first used in sci-fi as a dystopian tool to isolate and control [...]
June 1, 2016

Time Travel Through Virtual Reality

Welcome to Virtual Reality, the future that has been developed since the early 1960’s. Here is a short history for you to enjoy and learn from!  Are you VR curious? 
May 18, 2016
vr sickness nausea

Virtual Reality Sickness – Nausea Prevention

Virtual reality sickness, nausea, also known as cyber-sickness, can often happen when in a virtual environment. With virtual reality sickness you can experience symptoms very similar to motion sickness, including, discomfort, headache, stomach awareness, nausea, vomiting, pallor, [...]
April 13, 2016
choose your vr headset

What is the best Virtual Reality headset to buy

What is the best VR Headset to buy, are they all the same, what are the differences? Virtual reality is hot. American VR startup Jaunt raised millions of dollars of investment, along with Disney, and others similar to them. Oculus [...]
April 12, 2016
facebook 360 camera

Facebook presents open source 360 ​​VR camera

Facebook has presented an open source camera project, a design and software for a 360 degree VR camera available free of charge. Facebook itself will not develop or sell this camera. The design of the camera and the [...]
March 30, 2016
racing cars in VR

5 Games Ready For VR Development

It may seem like virtual reality has already taken over gaming news, and to be sure it’s one of the hot topics of 2016 so far. But the fact remains that we’re still in the very [...]
March 30, 2016
virtual reality space

Gadget Show with Freefly VR

Mobile virtual reality company Freefly VR is premiering a new form of relaxation experience at this year’s Gadget Show Live. You are invited to be the first to try A Time in Space Leanback, a collaborative [...]