January 29, 2016
ifa 2015

FreeflyVR on the IFA 2015

IFA means Internationale Funkausstellung The IFA is a media and entertainment exhibition in Berlin which is held every two years. The aim is to provide consumers and manufacturers a demonstration platform for the latest developments in [...]
January 29, 2016
google streetview in vr

Google Street View in Virtual Reality

As of now you can experience Google street View in Virtual Reality. Google has announced numerous updates to its virtual reality platform Cardboard. Support for Street View is one of the innovations. Additionally Cardboard is now [...]
January 29, 2016
virtual revolution

Virtual Reality is ready for big business

The applications of virtual reality are endless. Almost everything done today in ‘real life’ can be replaced by a virtual version. The barriers are just technical and will be overcome. So far we mainly saw applications [...]
January 29, 2016
ozo camrea

VR – 360video cameras on the market

How cool would it be to make your own (action) VR-movies and share it to the world. Today there are a few options but probably for professional users only since price tags are a bit high. [...]
January 29, 2016
develop 3d magazine

DEVELOP3D magazine and the Freefly VR

DEVELOP3D magazine featured us in the edition of June. We know, we should post this faster but anyway, so here goes because you can download this edition for free. DEVELOP3D says: This month we tell the story [...]
January 29, 2016
vr porn

Virtual Reality in the porn industry

VR should be thankful to the porn industry Virtual reality is the great breakthrough of the future. If we have to believe journalists, Microsoft, Samsung, HTC, Sony and freeflyVR, see a big future in this virtual [...]
January 29, 2016
vr headset reviews

Great reviews from fans

We get many reviews for our product and they are important. We really value this kind of input. Our fans make sure that the word is spread, they compare and they are not bound to any [...]