New single REVOLT from Muse in VR

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February 3, 2016
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February 3, 2016
Muse Revolt

This is merely the beginning, you can now watch the new single, REVOLT from Muse in VR.
Stacked with drones, a cyber-punk VR experience.

Created in partnership with Apple Music and directed by Guy Shelmerdine, Revolt is a360 degree immersive music video experience.

Do we really have to say you can watch this fantastic creation with your FreeflyVR? If you do not have one yet, take a peek here or use Google cardboard. creator Guy Shelmerdine helms Muse’s first foray into virtual reality. The 360º immersive experience, crafted for Muse’s track, “Revolt,” was shot on location in Prague. The story and aesthetic build on the themes contained within Muse’s latest album, Drones. The video is set within a dystopian future, where rebel women fight against cold cyborg riot police.

How to get your hands on this?

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